CN FITNESS: Personal Training is an Aberdeen based personal training and performance centre opening on June 24th 2013.



It is going to be a Personal Training exclusive, fully equipped gym, dedicated to CN FITNESS Personal Training Clients. There is no where else in Aberdeen that offers this personal level of service. If you have every been to a commercial gym, then you know what it is like. Struggling to get on equipment, having to adjust your workout depending on what equipment is available and having to squeeze between all the various members.
I have built this facility so that our clients don’t have to make these compromises and so they can get the best possible workout, in a focused, friendly and motivating environment.
There are a million and one different exercises, diet plans and workout routines out there, many are brilliant, many are a waste of time.
Working with a CN Fitness trainer is going to ensure you get a clear, progressive, and structured training, nutritional and lifestyle plan tailored towards YOUR body and YOUR goals. You will see that achieving the desired results is actually quite simple, you just have to concentrate your efforts on the right things, which we will guide you on.
At CN Fitness we take all aspects of health and fitness into consideration. Not only will you get specialised training programmes, you will get tailored nutritional programmes, lifestyle recommendations and various other information to help you progress towards your goals.
I believe that to be a credible personal trainer you must demonstrate that you are serious about health and fitness. All CN Fitness trainers are highly qualified, experienced and most importantly, passionate about what they do. See the trainer page for more info on the our CN Fitness trainers
Contact:  craig@cn-fitness.info for more info and to book your free consultation.

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