Meet the Trainers:

Here at CN Fitness we believe that to be a credible personal trainer you must demonstrate that you are serious about health and fitness. All CN Fitness trainers are highly qualified, experienced and most importantly, passionate about what they do.



Being a competitive natural bodybuilder I am extremely passionate about health and fitness. My first competition was in 2009 which I won becoming the ScottishNatural Teenage Bodybuilding Champion.

As a PICP qualified strength and conditioning coach, I specialise inusing a variety of proven resistance training methods to enable myclients, who range from complete beginners to competitive athletes, to reach their goals, be it lose weight, gain muscle, injuryrehab or improve general fitness.

I am also a qualified Biosignature practitioner. Biosignature Modulation is a cutting edge fat loss and health assessment method. This enables me to accurately monitor the progress my clients are making with bodyfat percentage, muscle gain and also their hormonal profiles. Specific nutrition and supplementation recommendations are then prescribed using the knowledge gained from the clients biosignature assesement.  See the biosignature section of my webiste for more information on this.

I worked at Nuffield health for 18 months and in that time worked up to being recognised as their top Personal Trainer, at National Level.

I dont just teach a fitness life style, i live it. I dedicate myself to helping others and myself improve our fitness and health every single day.

2 days outQualifications and achievements:

Nuffield Healths top Personal Trainer oct 2011

Club Training: Grade 5 Elite Level Trainer

PICP Level 2

Biosignature modulation

Lifetime fitness certificate in Personal training

Reps level 3 Personal trainer award

HND in Fitness Health and Exercise

Teen Mr Scotland 2009

Kris Barr:

KRISSKris is someone who truly knows the benefits that personal training can bring to one’s life. Kris first came to me (craig) years ago after a serious car accident that almost cost him his life. He shattered his pelvis, broke his ribs, punctured his lungs, fractured his skull, severe blood clot in his brain, was in a coma for over a week and was on bed rest for months. Needless to say he was about as out of shape as one can be when he first came to see me. I took him through his rehabilitation process to help strengthen his body which was extremely weak and frail after so long on bed rest etc. Kris had no intention of getting seriously into fitness, he just wanted to be able to walk pain free and generally move about. However once he started seeing the benefits that a good exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan could give him, he was hooked and the passion for all things health and fitness took over.

Over the years he has went from literally not being able to do standing knee bends to squatting double his bodyweight, turning his weak and frail body into an extremely impressive physique by gaining over 60lb of muscle since his accident and taking his knowledge of the human body, exercise and personal training to impressive heights.

This became more than a hobby for Kris and he decided that if he could help people transform their life’s, in the way that personal training transformed his, he would!

He gave up a career as an engineer and is now a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and is also qualified in GP referral.

This is what makes Kris such a good personal trainer. He has real world experience of what personal training is all about, he has been in the clients shoes and he knows what it takes to get real results. This experience, along with his knowledge, and passion make Kris a great addition to the CN Fitness team.

Contact: for more info and to book your free consultation

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